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Primo is a family friendly place.

Our goal is for everyone to have a good time at our store. We have kids of our own and we know how expensive taking the family out can be. So we created a fun safe place in our Ice Box where kids can play many games and watch movies and help to keep them off the streets. We keep our prices affordable so you can afford to come out every night when you get that sweet tooth.  After your treat you can dance all those calories away in the Ice Box.  (That would be guilt free pleasure). Sprinkles are free and we give an extra special card to expecting mothers.

We pride our selves on our customer service and guaranteed satisfaction with our homemade original water ice flavors.  Primo is a place where many memories are made and we are proud to be a part of that family tradition.


We also helped Mitch Albom open the 1st Water Ice store in Detroit, Michigan to help S.A.Y. Detroit charities.  All proceeds from the store helps 13 charities.

Primo Water Ice in Westmont, NJ

Detroit Water Ice Factory, (Owned by Mitch Albom)

Imspired by and Affilited with Primo Water Ice.

Working together for a greater cause!

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